Driving investment in sustainable energy

BASE believes that smart business models and financing are crucial to making sustainable energy technologies competitive and attractive for investors.

We believe that every market presents sustainable energy investment opportunities, with the potential to be developed and scaled.

Around the world, we develop innovative ideas and tailored market-driven solutions to drive investment in sustainable energy and to meet the challenge of climate change.

Established in 2001, BASE is a Swiss foundation and Collaborating Centre of the United Nations Environment Programme.

2016/09/26 – #CostaRica runs almost entirely on #SustainableEnergy - this clearly shows #go100RE is possible https://t.co/jU8lKSanvY via @CleanTechnica

2016/09/26 – #Solar PV costs in #Africa have decreased dramatically since 2012 & another 59% reduction in next 10 yrs is possible https://t.co/xqOvX8bzeZ